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So Rudely Interrupted: The Scientist Series

So Rudely Interrupted: The Scientist Series permits a new appreciation of the humanity of scientists and yet compliments the luster of their achievements.  A set of twelve paintings, the series portrays some of the more interesting ways in which being human has affected specific scientists.

When we read about the accomplishments of the great scientists, we may think of dedicated geniuses in white coats, working long hours in isolation from the rest of the world.  Unlike that image, science is the product of people who are subject to the joys and tribulations common to all humankind.  Life impinges on the labor of scientists, and their work reflects their characters and experiences.

The series depicts religious and political persecution (Anaxagoras and Hypatia) and religious conservatism (Copernicus). And we are given examples of the disastrous effects of ill health (Bacon and Curie) and the rare beneficial disease (Wallace).


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Anaxagoras Explains the Sun

bacon.jpg (7607 bytes)
Bacon's Last Experiment  
burt.jpg (7081 bytes)  
Burt and His Assistant Fixing Things
copernicus.jpg (8844 bytes) Copernicus and the Models of Revolution  
crookes.jpg (9423 bytes) Crookes and His Ethereal Lover   curie2.jpg (6963 bytes)
Curie in the Kitchen with Irene  

  hypatia.jpg (8627 bytes)  
Hypatia Pursued by the Mob

madge.jpg (7775 bytes)
Mad Madge Has Her Say  
mcclintock.jpg (7741 bytes)
McClintock Returns to Her Cornfield

  paracelsus.jpg (9264 bytes)
Paracelsus in a Party Mood

wallace.jpg (8513 bytes)
Wallace and the Agents of Inspiration  
woodward.jpg (8215 bytes)  
Woodward, Hinton, and the Piltdown Man  


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