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David G. Baldwin's Paintings

Dr. Baldwin's works are creatively textured.  In addition to the traditional texture, he often incorporates various kinds of fabric, powdered marble, beach glass, or sand in a painting.  He constantly experiments to find new and durable techniques to enhance his art.

Brief Candles: The Shakespeare Series

Concentrating on those elements of an image that heighten the viewer’s enjoyment - surprise, amusement, curiosity, fantasy – the ingredients of entertainment come to the fore.



So Rudely Interrupted: The Scientist Series

Life impinges on the labor of scientists, and their work reflects their characters and experiences.  


Baseball Related Art

Paintings related to baseball and baseball players.


Baldwin Classics
Individual paintings, outside of any series.


Artist Techniques
Ancient Battle for Control of the Sun Brief information about the techniques used to create the foundation for a painting, and the durability of the painting.


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