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In addition to creating groups of painting of related subjects, Dr. Baldwin has also created many individual works of art.

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 adeve.jpg (6545 bytes)

Adam and Eve

There is a cascade of elements in this painting. Topmost is God, who is pointing to the snake.  The snake in turn leads the eye to Eve.  While Eve is staring at Adam, he is intent on the apple.  Note also that the curve of the snake encompasses Adam.  This is one of several paintings in which the anxiety of the decision-making process is portrayed. 36" x 24"

 alchemy.jpg (6129 bytes)

Alchemy and Chance

Sometimes valuable discoveries are made by chance.  A man and a boy share the excitement and awe of such a discovery.  The painting focuses on that feeling of sharing that can strengthen bonds between people.  The concept of alchemy and chance also refers to the process by which an artist creates his work.  No matter how much an artist plans a work, there is always an element of luck during the actual process. Chance may lead to wondrous discoveries, new techniques, or a new perspective that can then be shared with the viewer. 36" x 24"
Collection of B. Piscaer

 algorithmicsouls.jpg (5893 bytes)

The Algorithmic Souls

  44" x 30"

 ancientbattle.jpg (7285 bytes)

Ancient Battle For Control Of The Sun

The warrior and his horse are swept up in a futile battle initiated by external forces.  There is a sharp contrast between the attitude of the soldier, which has been shaped by his culture, and the stark instinctive terror of the horse.  A well-established culture can overcome our instinctive behavior, working to the advantage of society, sometimes at the expense of the well-being of the individual. Collection of A. Matthews
40" x 29 Ĺ"

 bridalanxiety.jpg (8737 bytes)

Bridal Anxiety in the Garden of Regret

Anxiety and regret are important impediments in the decision-making process.  Each acts on us to help prevent serious mistakes - anxiety forcing us to seek more information before the decision is made and regret providing negative feedback so we won't make the same mistake twice.  For the bride the marriage decision is a big one.  Therefore, the anxiety and the potential regret are especially strong. 36" x 24"

 mindreader.jpg (7152 bytes)

The Mind Reader's Wife

The concept of this piece was derived from the poem "The Curse of the Telepath's Wife" by Bruce Boston (Asimov's Science Fiction, August, 1993).  Driven to madness by her husbandís prying into her thoughts and even her dreams, the woman awakens one night to discover that she has murdered her husband in his sleep. (Study done in 1993) 48" x 30Ē

 slowpirouette.jpg (8550 bytes)

The Slow Pirouette of the Stars

The male figure represents the typical salesman.  In this case he is trying to sell his personality to a woman who seems to be uncertain how to proceed.  Her left hand is on her hip - a signal of rejection - but her right hand is primping as though she was interested in this suitor.  No wonder she is confused - the man's heart is a black box.  His motives are a mystery. 48" x 30"
Collection of W. Cobb

 witches.jpg (6501 bytes)

Witches Carrying Ladders at Daybreak

Scientific information is often misused.  A current example of this is the twisting and crumpling of biostatistics and DNA technology in our justice system.  The witches in this painting represent those who manipulate information to suit their own purposes.  The ladders have lost their original helical shape due to being mishandled. 48" x 30"

 timemerchant.jpg (7172 bytes)

The Time Merchant

The artist has modernized this scene, but the original story of the time merchant was set in late 16th century Amsterdam.  The time merchant was a money lender who granted loan extensions in exchange for exorbitant interest rates.  One day the devil in disguise applied for a huge loan and the time merchant granted it gladly.  Changing disguises, the devil took another loan, and another, until he had borrowed everything the time merchant had.  Of course, the devil, being neither human nor mortal, never pays off a debt. 36" x 24"

 pigaugury.jpg (7059 bytes)

Pig Augury



 zoobirds.jpg (8044 bytes)

Nonlinear Zoobirds

 Caged birds have little reason to fly and these birds are rooted to the ground.  Because they are in the entertainment business (as all zoo animals are) they are brightly colored and unusual in design. 40" x 30"

 entomology.jpg (7218 bytes)

Entomology 101

Years ago the artist took an introductory course in insect morphology in which the basic learning technique was to draw various specimens.  This painting was derived from a sketch by an even younger entomologist, the artistís ten year old grandson, Aaron.  The artist has modified and embellished the original creature a bit.  Aaron seems to be a little fuzzy on details, such as the number of legs and the structure of wings, but he is right on target in capturing the essence of the insect. 36" x 24"
Collection of B. Piscaer

 Fishwoman Emerging from the Sea.jpg (35154 bytes)

Fishwoman Emerging from the Sea

A Yap Island myth tells of a fishwoman who emerged from the sea to mingle amongst the unsuspecting people.  Everywhere she went she instigated problems between the islanders.  Friends and relatives quarreled incessantly until, finally, they recognized the fishwoman for what she was and they drove her back into the sea. 36" x 24"
Collection of  M. Binun and M. Laffoon 
Meditation and the Golden Fish.jpg (24669 bytes) Meditation and the Golden Fish   48" x 36"
Collection of  Mr. and Mrs. Hansen

 noah.jpg (6090 bytes)

Noah with the Wind Rising

  24" x 20"
Collection of  Mr. and Mrs. Hansen 

 oldking.jpg (6607 bytes)

The Old King Before the Fire

In a Machiavellian world, a successful king cannot afford to be very regretful as he rises to power and then maintains power. Regret may only begin to seep into his life in his later years, as the fires of ambition are abated, and he thinks back on all the kingly things he has done. 36" x 24"  
Collection of S.  Tyre-Williams

 cardioids.jpg (6025 bytes)

Cardioids and a Yellow Snake Bask in the Winter Sun


20" x 16"
Collection of  S. Tyre-Williams 

 portrainthypatia.jpg (5895 bytes)

Portrait of Hypatia

Hypatia (c. 379-415 A.D.) was an astronomer and mathematician and the head of the Neoplatonic school of philosophy in Alexandria.  Her eloquence and learning attracted a large number of pupils.  According to the English historian Gibbon, she was murdered by the Nitrian monks and a fanatical mob of Christians.  Her death caused the departure of many scholars from Alexandria and began the decline of that city as a center of learning. 40" x 30"
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. W. Tucker

 queueing.jpg (8411 bytes)

Queueing Horses

Sometimes we win, sometimes entropy wins.  The attempts, of the two characters depicted, to bring order to a highly resistant group of horses are likely to fail.  Of course, in the long run, disorder will always prevail. 48" x 30"
Collection of S. Tyre-Williams

 howtofly.jpg (5634 bytes)

Trying to Remember How to Fly

  40" x 30"
Collection of S. Tyre-Williams

 weightlifter 2.jpg (6824 bytes)

The Weightlifter

Vulnerability or the potential of failure makes a strong character much more interesting than a superhero who can do no wrong.  It also creates a more dynamic painting, as the viewer anticipates that the weightlifter shown might fail and, perhaps, roots a little harder for his success.  The vertical lines and the subtle arrows that surround him are urging him upward and the warmth of the yellow environment might provide him with the necessary energy. 36" x 24"
Collection of Marjanski and Vuscovic

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