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Baseball and Art

bulletThis group of paintings stems from Dr. Baldwin's 16 years of playing professional baseball. For more information on his baseball years take a look at his upcoming book at
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 fugue.jpg (17394 bytes)

Fugue for the Pepper Players


40" x 30”
Baseball Hall of Fame Museum, Cooperstown NY

 kid.jpg (19368 bytes)

Kid with a New Glove

The kid (a boy or a girl as the viewer chooses) expresses joy both in the achievement of acquiring the long sought after glove, and in the anticipation of further joys to come.

36" x 24"
Collection of Dr. Harris

 moonmemory.jpg (17036 bytes)

Moon And Memory

Yogi Berra once said, "I can't think and play baseball at the same time."  The player depicted is tracking down a fly ball without thought getting in the way.  This painting features the use of the golden ratio and a related mathematical progression, the Fibonacci series.  For example, the discrete volumes of the ball represent a Fibonacci series as the ball rises and descends toward the glove.

40" x 30"
Collection of Dr. Harris

 thirdbase.jpg (20563 bytes)

Third Base Coach

Gestural signs are an important part of baseball.  One of the main tasks of the third base coach is to communicate the current strategy of the manager in the dugout to the batter and base runners.  Here, the third base coach is represented as an abstract flurry of signs and decoys.

36" x 24"
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. W. Tucker

 coolpapa.jpg (14759 bytes)

Cool Papa Steals Time

James "Cool Papa" Bell was one of the greatest players in baseball history.  Because of the refusal by major league baseball owners to allow black players to play in their leagues, Cool Papa was forced to play his whole career in the Negro Leagues.  There, playing against competition that was at least as good as that in the major leagues, Cool Papa was brilliant.  His speed as a baserunner was legendary - he was likely the fastest man ever to play the game.

40" x 30"  
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. M. Jacobson

 mockingbird.jpg (20361 bytes)

The Mockingbird Sings to the Relief Pitcher

Once a teammate (from Alabama) told the artist that it was bad luck for a ballplayer to hear a mockingbird sing - the inconsistency of the bird's songs was contagious and the player would soon begin to play in the same manner.  Later, two other players, one from Louisiana and one from North Carolina, told of similar superstitions.  The pitcher in the picture isn't happy to test the validity of this theory.

48" x 30"  

Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Zadina

 flyhawks.jpg (17602 bytes)

The Flyhawks

A series of snapshots in time, shown on a single canvas.  This painting circumvents the traditional constraints which limit the subject to a single static instant.  The ballplayer’s arm progresses from hanging ready at his side to a position prepared to catch the ball, as the ball follows its trajectory.

48" x 30"
Collection of Mr. and Mrs. M. Jacobson

 stonegame.jpg (11315 bytes)

Stone Game


Collection of Tom Williams

 boningbat.jpg (16959 bytes)

Boning the Bat


36" x 24”


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